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The Planning & Research Advisory Committee (PRAB).

Scope & Terms of Reference of the IHS PRAB:

The Planning & Research Advisory Committee was first constituted by the Presidents memorandum dated 14-02-2011. A revised memorandum was issued by President on 04-07-2019, expanding membership from five to seven persons. The following description of the scope and terms of reference of the IHS-PRAB is based on the President's revised memorandum dated 4th July, 2019.

  1. Research projects need to be identified well in advance in accordance with the health systems policies. Identify thrust areas of research, conceive and develop project proposals for funding opportunities. Suggestions from the policy implementing agencies during interaction, meetings should be translated into research topics. Develop new study conepts. Apply to the appropriate sponsors and funding agencies.
  2. There shall be a Planning and Research Advisory Board to guide the IHS on Health Systems Research and to:
    1. Provide a road map to IHS on the health systems research strategies.
    2. Further development of research proposals and opportunities.
    3. Amplify research potential.
    4. Advise IHS on the design, methodologies and conduct of research including technological development.
    5. Advice on the suitability and relevance of the research topics so as to enhance the visibility of IHS activities.
    6. Suggest new initiatives that will aid the development of research strategy.
    7. Review and provide expert advice on any research study and consultancy projects conducted by IHS.
    8. All new study concepts will be reviewed by PRAB, including those where funding is not yet secured or no research is yet proposed.
    9. Propose additional and/or alternative research projects and suggest probable domain experts.
    10. Advice on training opportunities.
  3. Composition of the Planning and Research Advisory Board shall be as follows:
    1. The committee shall consist of about seven members.
    2. President of IHS will be the Chairman of the PRAB.
    3. Director of the Institute will be the ex-officio member secretary, with members joining it according to the terms of appointment.
    4. Life of the Board will be permanent, with members joining it according to the terms of appointment.
    5. Terms of appointment of a member should include the period of validity. If no such period is mentioned, then it shall be assumed that the appointment is valid for a period of three years from the date of first meeting scheduled after communication of the letter of appointment.
  4. Rule of business:
    1. The Director with the help of faculty will identify the research projects and prepare a strategic plan and make avaialable to the members of PRAB sufficiently in advance.
    2. The faculty and principal investigators should be available at the time of PRAB meeting to clarify any issue that may arise during the course of discussions on the particular project.
    3. The PRAB shall provide inputs for the plan and proposed strategy.
    4. The PRAB shall review new and existing projects and give necessary advice.
    5. The PRAB will meet once a year or as and when the projects are developed for review.


Statement of IHS-PRAB Meetings:

Planning & Research Advisory Committee, date: 28‑11‑2020:

Review of Ongoing Research Projects:

  1. Study of Consumer Complaints and Water Safety in Hyderabad.
  2. Water Quality Monitoring of Service Reservoirs & Slum Areas in Hyderabad City.
  3. Exploratory Survey of Bottled Water Plants in Hyderabad.

Member Suggestions - Potential Research Topics:

  1. Action Research Project on Developing Informaton, Education and Communication Strategy to Improve Water Storage and Handling Practices.
  2. A Study on Quality of Bottled Water Available to Consumers in Hyderabad.
  3. Quality of Mission Bhagiratha Water and its impact on public health in rural areas.


Present: Dr. Prasanta Mahapatra, President & Dean; Dr. P. Rama Devi; Mrs. S. Srilatha; Mr. A Sudarshan Reddy; Dr. Urmila Pingle; & G. Surendra, Director IHS & Member Convenor.

IHS Officers Present: Dr. D. Neela Priya, Dy Director & Faculty. Venue: Video Conference, date 28-11-220 11:30 AM to 1:30 PM.

Planning & Research Advisory Committee, date: 24‑05‑2012:

Review of Concept Notes:

  1. Effect of atmospheric pollution on respiratory morbidity of school children in Hyderabad.
  2. Evaluation study on the utilization of untied funds released under NRHM to PHC/SC, Village Health Sanitation & Nutrition Committee in AP.
  3. Quality monitoring systems and water borne diseaes in urban areas - multi-centric study of selected municipalities.
  4. Study of health profile of children aged 0-6 years & their nutritional status assessmen in urban slums of Hyderabad.
  5. Role of community in key areas of water, sanitation & health and its convergence with ICDS program.
  6. Study on time-activity pattern and its impact on performance of AWWs in ICDS service delivery.

Member Suggestions:

  1. Role and performance of ASHA scheme.
  2. Study on emergence of lifestyle disorders in rural areas.
  3. Study on MIS and monitoring of health indicators.


Present: Prof. P. Rama Devi, Chairperson; Prof. KVS Murthy; Dr. D. Dakshina Murthy; Mr. Jaya Kumar; Mr. G. Surendra, Director IHS & Member Convenor.

On leave: Dr. Prasanta Mahapatra, President; Dr. KV Ramani, Joint Chief Environmental Scientist, APPCB.

IHS Officers Present: Dr. K. Satish Kumar, Faculty; & Mr. GS Pattnaik, Project Manager. Venue: IHS Board Room, HACA Bhavan, Hyderabad AP 500004.