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Costs of Poor Health Habits.
Proceedings of the PHS, 2002

Prasanta Mahapatra, CK George, Samatha Reddy & Others

This book contains the proceedings of the Public Health Symposium conducted on World Health Day, 07 April 2002. Poor healht habits such as sedentary life style, smoking and binge drinking impose personal as well as external costs. Personal costs are by way of reduced life expectancy, poor quality of life, and burden on the family. External costs are on account of increased usage of health care services, and increased risk of injury and life to others.  

BK 05/2001

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Structure and Dynamics of Private Health Sector. : Implications for India's Health Policy    

Prasanta Mahapatra, P.Sridhar & Rajshree

How big is the private health sector? Do Private health care institution provide better quality care? Are they more efficient? do they serve the poor? What's the role of the private health care provider elsewhere in the world? and many more. This book elucidates these issues, examines and analyses evidence from with in and outside India and seeks to answer at least some questions.  Click here for Executive Summary

BK 04/2001

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Estimating National Burden of Disease.                     
The Burden of Disease in Andhra Pradesh, 1990s.  

Prasanta Mahapatra

The AP Burden of Disease (APBD) estimates arrived at in this study are of importance from two different policy perspectives. National Burden of Disease (NBD) estimate will be of immediate interest to those concerned about health policy of the concerned national or sub-national entity for which the study is made. Using the case of Andhra Pradesh in India, the study examines available sources of data and describes their usability. Deficiency in availability of local data is highlighted to draw attention to the need for improving vital statistics, cause of death and epidemiological surveillance systems. The study provided an opportunity for a comprehensive estimation of disease burden in AP during the 1990s.         

BK 03/2001,

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A manual on control of Gastroenteritis with special
reference to Andhra Pradesh, India. 

 Prasanta Mahapatra, P.Sridhar & K.T.Rajshree

BK 02/2001

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A manual on control of Malaria with special reference to
Andhra Pradesh, India.

 Prasanta Mahapatra,VB Sai Kumar & Dhanaraj

BK 01/2001

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