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 Focus groups and community connect for water safety.


The objective of the community mobilisation is to develop strategies for water safety in slum areas of Hyderabad and build community awareness among the slum residents. Focus group discussions (FGDs) are conducted regularly in identified slum areas to gather information about consumer perceptions of metro water supply through domestic connections, public stand posts and tankers and to understand consumer concerns on water availability, regularity, and quantity of supply. FGDs also help to understand community knowledge, attitudes and practices about water quality and related issues, usage, storage, handling, hygiene, sanitation, and health status. In addition, the FGDs are used to inform & educate the target group on good hygiene practices and measures to prevent waterborne diseases. Water safety surveyors, fellows/interns, research assistants, associates, faculties, and other personnel drawn from various sections of the Institute are trained in focus group methodology (Scrimshaw and Hurtado, 1987) and water sanitation and hygiene concepts (CAWST, 2017; WHO, 2015; UNICEF, 2011) to act as FGD resource persons. Two resource persons are drawn for each focus group, one to act as a facilitator and the other as recorder. Monthly about five FGDs are being conducted in different slum areas of Hyderabad. and reports were submitted to HMWSSB for follow up action.



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