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Smart use of Computers by Health Executives              (one week training series)


Use of computerised information systems in health care will be a part of any future scenario requiring cost-effective and high quality health care. Computing and telecommunication technology offer opportunities in design, implementation and maintenance of robust, sustainable health care environments. This one week course explores utility of computers in meeting needs of patients, planer, regulators, suppliers and administrators. The course focuses on the use of computer applications in simple operating environments to resolve recurrent organisational and management challenges.

  Course objectives
  • To make participants understand the strength as well as limitations of computers as management tool.
  • To enable participants to use a word processor, a spreadsheet, personal database, and presentation graphics, all components of an office suite.
  • To provide real life problem solving activities using skills gained during the program.
  • To create awareness in computer applications in public health/health care setting.
Course Structure

This one week long course will be structured around multimedia presentations, hand on experience in PC labs and project work using computers. The participants will be introduced to personal computing tools to help achieved their goals and improve their performance. Each participant will be provided with hands on experience and training with computers throughout the course. They will be provided with practice sessions of accessing NICNET. They will complete a small project to generate a management ifnormation or epidemiological analytic report using data/problem of their own organisations.


A unifying theme of this course is the identification of the current breakdowns and deficiencies in health care operating environments that can be remedied by thoughtful implementations of information systems solutions through computers.

Who is eligible

Managers and executives at all levels working in any public health or medical care setting in the public or the private sector .

The course was conducted from July 17th to July 22nd, 2000.

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