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Health Level 7( HL 7) training program


Health Level 7 standard is for electronic data exchange in all health care environments with special emphasis on inpatient acute care facilities. The primary goal is to provide standards for the exchange of data among health care computer applications that eliminate or reduce the custom interface programming. This training is to create awareness about the HL 7 protocols for personnel who are in health care field. The program covers all major modules including patient administration, observation, reporting from a developers point of view.

  • To develop a solid understanding of the HL 7 standard
  • Master a mental road map to the standards document
  • Unearth real world interfacing facts
  • Obtain the skills to plan health information technology in using the HL7 standard
  • Familiarity with basic concepts of HL 7
  • HL 7 organisations and Standards
  • Examination of the 2.3 - defined segments, messages and message flow
  • Relating HL 7 to "real world" networks and communications
  • Interface Engine concepts
  • The future of HL 7 in India
Who is eligible
  • IT Managers
  • Interface analysts
  • Programmers
  • Hospital Managers
We have conducted Three HL 7 training programs till date.

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