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Desktop Navigation for Intranets


Healthcare institutions will increasingly depend on computer networks to meet higher quality of service expectations and to reduce cost of care. Considering the user friendliness of modern office computing applications by using a personal computer to perform routine tasks like work processing, spreadsheets, etc.the use of cyberspace is the skill to effortlessly navigate the desktop and Intranet. Its like knowing the streets and bylanes of the town we live in, and the advantage this gives us over short term visitors to our town.


Participants get a solid foundation in desktop navigation, use of the windows explorer, universal naming convention, locating of files and resources in the computer and over the local area network.

  • A Fine place to Start
  • The Taskbar & Programs
  • Exploring Your computer
  • Editing Essentials: Cutting, Copying, Dragging, Pasting.
  • Applets: Windows 95 Accessories
  • The Printer
  • Getting Started With Networking
  • The File Server
Who is eligible

It is designed for faculty, fellows, Associates & Assistants, Health care professional and any other person having to use desktop computer in a local area network will benefit.


This program was conducted for IHS staff from 10th May to 13th May,2001.


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