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Health Informatics Infrastructure(HII) in India


Certificate Course in Health Intranet System Administration


General purpose information technology solutions are usually inadequate for specialised needs of the health sector. That is why a host of solutions, standards and services are emerging to meet needs of the health sector. Application of information technology to the domain of health care delivery is referred to as Health Informatics. Health informatics is fast growing to be a well defined field of study, applied research, information technology business activity.


Building and operation of an Intranet, in the present environment, requires multiple skills like network engineering, network operating system skills, personal computer platform maintenance skills, etc. For health intranets, some domain knowledge about the special needs of doctors, hospitals and health care institutions, familiarisation with health informatic solutions etc. is required. Hospitals wanting to introduce computers for the first time would usually want some one readily available to fix emergent problems. Small hospitals can not afford to recruit a multi member team just to maintain the information system infrastructure. Hence there is a definite a need for a skill set that includes networking essentials, network operating system administration, personal computer platform maintenance and familiarity with health informatic solutions. Persons with such skills will form an important component of the health information infrastructure of a country.

Although there are a plethora of institutions providing training in computers, there is hardly any program designed to meet the specific needs of the health sector.

Institute of Health Systems has been making efforts to build health informatics infrastructure in India. IHS offers a training programme to build manpower to meet system administration needs of hospitals and health care organisations. This certificate course offered by IHS is a 15 month training course consisting of three months full time training followed by one year internship and a two weeks wrap up training. The course teaches skills in administering and implementing windows NT, which is accredited to the State Board of Technical Education and Training. CHISA students are more versatile as they are trained for system administration PC hardware trouble shooting and building up small local area networks. The first batch of CHISA students are already working in different hospitals and in reputed software companies. The feed back to us has been positive. And our second batch are finishing their internship in IHS and other reputed hospitals. Third batch has also been completed.

Course content :
      Phase -I
  1. PC System Administration and Troubleshooting.
  2. Networking Essentials:
                    1. Introduction
                    2. The Physical layer
                    3. The data link layer
                    4. The network layer
       3. Windows NT:
                    1. Overview of MS operating system family
                    2.   Introduction to Windows NT
                    3.   Introduction to user accounts
                    4.   Introduction to share folders
                    5.   Introduction to NTFS permissions
                    6.   Introduction to Windows NT printing
                    7.   Introduction to auditing
                    8.   Using to event viewer
                    9.   Introduction to the Windows NT Backup program
                   10. Installing Windows NT
                   11. Managing file systems
                    12. Supporting applications
                    13. The Windows NT networking environment
      4. Linux and public domain softwares.
      5. Health Informatics.
      6. The IHSNET (Indian Health Systems Networks).
Personality Development:

Once in a month you are required to give a presentation from the computer magazine hosen by you during the course. Each student should select a topic of his/her choice for presentation. You should select a topic reported in the computer magazine of your choice you will make a presentation for seven minutes followed by three minutes of discussion. Practice your presentation before hand.

Spoken English Course:

Presentation and language skills are important for people who want to build a career in the knowledge and information sector. It is found that many students, have difficulty in expressing themselves and are likely to benefit by cultivating presentation and expression skills. To meet this felt need, and facilitate improvement of vocabulary and presentation skills, the Institute arranges for conduct of Spoken English classes. Course fee is extra. The Institute accordingly subsidises part of the course fee.

  1. On the job work.
  2. Elected industry journal study and review.
  3. Periodic evaluation of on the job learnin
Expected outcome

The students will be equipped to independently build local area networks and act as system administrators, maintain personal computers and fix common problems experienced by PC users. They will be trained to exchange information over a wide area network like the IHSNET

To know more about the course and the opportunities write to:

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