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Health State Valuation Studies

(one week workshop)


Summary measures of population health are measures that combine information on mortality and nonfatal health outcomes to represent the health of a particular population as a single number. Interest in summary measures relates to a range of potential applications of them.


Health state valuation studies are required to measure people's valuation of different morbidity or health states. Alternative terms with similar meanings include health state preferences, health status measurement, and measurement of disability weights.


This one week long course was structured around multimedia presentations, hand on experience with health status measurement data and project work using computers. The participants were introduced to personal computing tools to help achieve their goals and improve their performance.


A unifying theme of this course is the first hand knowledge of the researchers who shared their experience of the AP Health State Valuation Study, the first ever community study in the world.

  • To impart all the necessary skills and tools to a prospective researcher so that he/she can conduct a health state measurement study independently
  • To impart the state of the art knowledge along with reference as course material in health status measurement.
  • To impart the technological support tools along with the research tools for conducting this type of research.
  • To enable participants to analyse real data that has already been collected by the institute in the first every community study in the developing world.
Who is eligible
  • Researchers, epidemiologists, clinicians at all levels working in any public health or medical care setting in the public or the private sector are eligible.
  • This program was conducted from 4th - 9th September,2000.



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