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Cause of Death

  Cause of death certification. One day workshop series

Writing out a death certificate is the singular event that reminds a health professional of man's limitations against laws of nature. However, by performing this task correctly a physician can still play a role in enhancing health and life expectancy of the community. Unfortunately death certificate is treated as a mere formality. IHS one day workshop series on cause of death certification highlights the importance of accurate reporting of cause of death, and how this can be utilised for health policy, planning and resourceallocation. The workshop develops participants understanding of approaches to cause of death classification, builds coding skills through coding, critique and problem solving laboratory session. At least one workshop is scheduled every month at IHS headquarters. Outstation workshops are arranged where enough participants register.

Who is eligible 
  • Leaders of clinical teams - medical superintendents, professors, unit heads, specialists and admitting physicians.
  • Residents, clinical assistants, RMOs, CMOs, medical officers in acute medical care/intensive care units who are usually given the charge of writing the death certificates.
  • Municipal health officers
  • Medical records personnel.
Course Objectives
  • To make participant aware of the importance of the cause of death reporting systems.
  • To enable the participants to understand the correct method of entering the data in the death certificate and to familiarise the assignation of codes as per the Xth revision of the ICD.
  • To impart working knowledge of the use of coputers in maintaining cause of death statistics in individual institutions.
  • To have a common platform to air suggestions on the present death certificate and the reporting system so as to arrive at suitable conclusions towards improving the same.
We have conducted 4 programs till date.                                                 

Workshop on Cause of Death Reporting Systems
India is in the midst of a demographic transition characterised by appearance of non communicable diseases. Accurate data on the stage of transition will enable national allocation of resources to tacle major health problems. Currently the quality and availability of cause of death data both from urban and rural areas of India is poor. It is necessary that public health teachers,researchers and officials are made aware of the relevance and importance of their work and of the latest methodology for accurate and complete collection of cause of death data. This three day workshop aimed to train medical and health personnel who were interested in revamping, studying or researching various aspects of cause of death reporting systems in India.
Objectives include
  • To familiarise participants with cause of death reporting system in urban and rural areas.
  • To identify lacunae within these systems which lead to inaccurate and incomplete reporting.
  • To deliberate on measures necessary to revamp the existing schemes and to identify responsibilities towards achieving the revamped state.
The workshop will include the following sessions.
A. Overview of Burden of Disease estimation
B. Operational plans for a Rural Cause of Death reporting system.
C. Scheme of oeprations under Medical Certification of Cause of Death program in urban areas.
This couse was organised from 15th March to 17th March,99
Who is eligible
  • Demographers and Medical Officers dealing with Vital Statistics.
  • Faculty from SPM Departments of Medical Colleges.
  • Postgraduate Students in Community Medicine, Public Health, Demography.



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