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Methods of Epidemiology


An Introduction to the Methods of Epidemiology

Knowledge of epidemiology of diseases and health states is essential for health policy analysis and health systems research. Epidemiology deals with distribution of disease and determinants of disease frequency. This one week full time course will provide an orientation to epidemiology as a basic science for public health. It will provide the quantitative approach to measurement of disease frequency and association. Emphasis will be laid on descriptive epidemiology. This course will help build skills needed by public health professionals to interpret critically the epidemiologic literature.

Who is eligible
The course is designed for health system researchers, post graduate students in community medicine, medical officers joining biomedical research projects, public health officials, biomedical scientists, and health policy analysts.
1. Lecture sessions.   
2. Hands on practical using spreadsheets and personal computers.
3. Exercises, and Examination
4. The course was conducted from 1st October to 6th October,2001


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