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Advanced Studies in Public Health (APH) Programme 

The Certificate of Advanced Studies in Public Health programme aims to equip students with essential public health competencies in such areas as research methods, policy analysis and management. The curriculum promotes an interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach to issues related to health, development and provision of health services. The programme is designed to provide multiple opportunities for students to practice public health skills and foster critical thinking about issues addressed by them. Students will be drawn from a broad range of medical, allied health, technical, humanities, physical and social science disciplines.

This programme strives to:

  • Provide comprehensive education in the core functions and disciplines of public health
  • Incorporate a social-ecologic systems approach which identifies and intervenes in conditions that influence health and disease, e.g. Poverty, inequalities in health status, and lack of access to health care
  • Develop problem-based and problem-focussed curricula drawn from issues, research, and practice relevant to the region
  • Integrate theory and practice through community level experiences throughout the curriculum
  • Create manpower with interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary skills for public health research, policy analysis and management. 

This two year programme is organized around two career oriented concentrations;


F Health System Research

F Health and Social Work

Please note that the Institute has stopped offering this Programme as the same has been evolved into a Master's Programme in Public Health. The Institute has received provisional affiliation  from the NTR University of Health Sciences for the MPH Programme. The dates for the new Programme will be announced shortly.      

IHS Financial Aid Grants:

The Institute has limited funds to provide financial aid grants to IHS students. These grants are offered to students on the basis of merit cum need and are intended to provide partial tuition fee support. Students who wish to avail these grants have to indicate their need in the application form. The size of the grant offered to a candidate who has been accepted to a programme will be decided by the Admissions Committee and will depend on the student's merit, access to other sources of financing and availability of funds at the Institute. Grant details will be indicated in the offer of admission to the Institute

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