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NTRUHS Statutes for International Masters in Public Health


The statutes for recognition of colleges of Public Health and affiliation for international Masters in Public Health (MPH) courses of the NTR University of Health Sciences has received the assent of the Honorable Chancellor of the University.

The IHS has been working with the University in development of the statutes for MPH courses to address the acute need for public health management and research capacity within the country. The Institute had earlier developed a two year certificate of Advanced Studies in Public Health (APH) program to equip students with essential public health competencies in such areas as research methods, policy analysis and management. A curriculum promoting an interdisciplinary and comprehensive approach to issues related to public health was developed. Although, the course was not affiliated to any university, the Institute liaised with the NTR University of Health Sciences (UHS) regarding the APH program. The Institute’s objective was, to demonstrate to the UHS, various innovative features of the program so as to instill a level of comfort among the University authorities for eventual affiliation of an International Masters Program in Public Health. The Institute gained in the University’s perspective of the need for objectivity in assessment of students and unambiguous transparent systems of course administration to facilitate appropriate assessment by the affiliating university. During this period, the Institute received visitors from the University of Iowa and exchanged visits to Iowa . This interaction provided an opportunity to conceptualize about twinning programs. A memorandum of understanding between the IHS, and the University of Iowa College of Public Health has since been signed. An extensive study of available policies and guidelines both within India and abroad, and relevant literature about quality assurance of higher educational programs, and schools of public health was undertaken by the Institute to inform the preparation of the UHS draft statute.

The UHS has granted provisional affiliation to the Masters Program in Public Health at the IHS. The Institute is now awaiting permission from the government to offer the programme.

Click here for IHS Guidelines for Development of Colleges of Public Health And Masters Program in Public Health.




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