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Training Services

The IHS is developing academic programs and offering training services to build interdisciplinary skills for more efficient health system. Public health related training services fall broadly into two groups namely, (a) health system operation, and (b) health system research methodology. In addition, the Institute organises training programs in health informatics, which is described later.

Valedictory of the National Burden of Disease estimation workshop for ICMR Scientists, December, 2001


Following is a selection of training programs conducted by the IHS.

1. Managing Primary Health Care in Remote Areas (MPHCR) designed specifically to benefit medical officers, ITDA officials, PHC Extension officers in Tribal Areas. This two week program builds skills in organisational  behaviour, public administration, rapid assessment of health situation, program management, monitoring and evaluation, accounting and financial management, working with tribal communities, disciplinary procedures, conduct rules, and office procedures. 

2. The IHS is the only centre in the South and East Asian region with substantial expertise in national burden of disease studies. Recognising this, the Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) chose the Institute to train its scientists in burden of disease study methodology and research on causes of death. Two batches of scientists from various ICMR  laboratories have been trained in National Burden of Disease Study methodology.

3. A suite of programs on various aspects of cause of death coding and research has been developed to meet the needs of different people involved in generation of cause of death statistics. The Indian Council of Medical Research (ICMR) has identified the IHS to organise workshops on cause of death research methodology for its scientists. An advanced study programme in public health will be offered by the Institute by end 2002. This 2 year course will prepare experts in Health System Research, Health & Social work. Graduating students from this course will manage community health care, non-profit health care institutions.

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