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One of the goals of the Institute of Health Systems (IHS) is to build local capacity for generation and use of evidence and information for healthpolicy to realize the broader goal of overall socioeconomic development. Usage of evidence and information for policy is to predicate on awareness by general public and knowledge among the public health community, of results from health system and related studies. Towards this end, the IHS has been striving to provide opportunity to persons interested in improvement of the Andhra Pradesh health system to share and learn from the insights of top class intellectuals and public health analysts. The Institute arranges public health lectures, whenever there is an opportunity of having the time from reputed health system researchers and health policy analysts. The public health lectures are open to any one interested in the subject. Admission is free. 

Prof. William Hsiao, Harvard School of Public Health, Delivering a lecture on "Social or Private Health Insurance for India" on 04th of May,2000

People are gradually recognising the bibliographic niche being cultivated by the IHS library. Although the library is small, it has some collections in the area of health economics, health system research etc. not easily available elsewhere in Hyderabad. As of December 2001, the Institute had 37 associate members, mostly taken to access the library facility. The library services about 323 retrievals per month. The Institute, as a matter of principle, publishes all its research and consultancy outputs through working papers, reports, datasets, or monographs. These publications are available to public for a nominal price, to cover cost of publication. List of IHS publications are provided in the IHS capacity statement, which is updated from time to time as well as through the Institute’s web site. Publications can be obtained personally from the Institute’s Front Office or by writing to the Communications and Services Officer.

The Institute maintains a database of health care institutions in Andhra Pradesh, called the APHIDB. It includes public and private health care institutions. The database is accessible to health system researchers and members of public to facilitate health system research and public policy debate.


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