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Health Sector Reform 

Health sector reform is a sustained process of fundamental change in policies and institutional arrangements of the health sector, usually guided by the government. Any meaningful reform process ought to be based on evidence and information about the current state of affairs, and potential effect of alternative policy choices. Many of the Institute’s research activities take place with the objective of generating evidence and information for health policy. For example;

1. The Strategy Development Workshop for Health Sector reform in Andhra Pradesh, April 24-25, 2001.

2. A study on the Structure and dynamics of Private Health Sector in Andhra Pradesh, 1999-2000.

3. Reproductive Health Services and Health Sector Reform. Focus Group Discussions with ANMs in Andhra Pradesh, 2001.

4. PHC Medical Officers Workshop on Reproductive Health Services and Health Sector Reform in Andhra Pradesh, 2002.


  The Strategy Development Workshop on Health Sector Reforms in Andhra Pradesh held at the Institute.

Healthcare Quality Assurance (HQA)

To develop national capacity in health care quality assurance, the Institute has built up a collection literature about accreditation systems in other parts of the world. During the course of a recent study on the structure and dynamics of the private health sector in AP, the Institute has developed a framework for assessment of health care quality. Some of the Institute’s faculty have had first hand exposure to the Joint Commission for Accreditation of Health Care Organisations (JCAHO) in USA.


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