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IHS Mission & Goals:
Groom Skills,
Gather Evidence and
Generate Knowledge for people's health.

To Improve the Efficacy,
Quality & Equity
of Health Systems.


Highlights of Books, Journals etc.



Available Books


Hardware, Software & Networking


Child, Health, Social Psychology, Ethics,      Medical Ethics

Social Sciences

Sociology & Anthropology, Social Behavior,      Social Research, Methodology, Social Problems


Micro/Macro Economics, Health Economics, Socio-Economics


Acts, G.Os, Constitutional law, Jurisdictions law

Communications, Transportation

Postal, Railway, Road guides

Natural Sciences

Medflor and  Plants

Applied Sciences

Medical Sciences, Promotion of Health,    Community Medicine, Preventive & Social Medicine, Health Policy, Communicable Non Communicable Diseases, Burden of Diseases, Gynecology, Surgery, Pharmacology, ICD 10, Drinking water, Sanitation, Quality Assurance.

Health Informatics

 EPI Info, Health Level 7, Hippa

Hospital Management  

Administration, Planning, Designing,             Hospital Equipments, Hospital Indicators,      Hospital Accreditation

Reproductive Health 

Child Mortality, Infant Mortality, Maternal Mortality, Family Planning& Welfare


 Dictionaries, Maps, CDs, Video/Audio Cassettes

Special Books and Reports

Budget Estimation, Polling Information,              HPA Reports, PSS Reports, SRS Reports,      MCCD Reports, SCD Reports, CBHI Reports, Census, NFHS, IBM Encyclopedias



Bulletin of the Health Organization,                                        Economic and Political Weekly,                                              Health Action,
Bharatiya Pragana,
PC Quest,
Monthly Review of the Indian Economy,
Ringside view,
The National Medical Journal of India,
Health for Millions,
AIDS Bulletin,
Issues in Medical Ethics,
Studies in Family Planning,                
                                        Journal Academy of Hospital Administration,
International Family Planning Perspectives,
Reproductive Health Matters,
Health Care Management,...etc.



Medico Friend Circle Bulletin,
Alliance for Health Policy and Systems Research,
Health & Environment,
DHS+ Dimensions,
Research into Action,
Health Economics & Financing Exchange,....etc.
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   IHS Goals :  Improve Efficacy, Quality and Equity of Health Care Systems
   IHS Mission : Groom Skills, Gather Evidence, and Generate Knowledge



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