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APVVP decides to continue Patient Satisfaction Surveys to grade hospitals for service quality.
The AP Vaidya Vidhana Parishad (APVVP) is the state authority charged with the management of all first referral hospitals in Andhra Pradesh. APVVP has recently announced a revamped management information system that includes patient satisfaction surveys introduced by the IHS.
Introduction to the PSS                                                                                                                   The patient satisfaction survey is the first of its kind for public hospitals in India. Measurement of patients satisfaction with services provided by the concerned hospital is important from two angles. Firstly, patients constitute the hospital's direct clientele. Thus overall satisfaction of the patient is an important aspect of the service itself, apart from other dimensions like technical quality of medical care, effectiveness clinical care etc. Secondly, patient's satisfaction provides an indirect measure of the other dimensions as well. The study obtains feedback from patients and, in case the patient could not be interviewed, the attendant. For the survey a modified version of the Patient Satisfaction Questionnaire-III originally developed by Ware and others (Hays, Davies and Ware, 1987) is used. In each hospital, patients are identified through stratified random sampling. Stratification is on the basis of sex and wards.
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