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Non-stayal of Doctors and Para-Medical Staff at the bonafied headquarters of their postings and drawal of Rural/Agency Allowance
The Insitute of Health Systems (IHS) is assigned to develop "State Action Plan" for the Commissioner of Family Welfare, AP. As a part of the RHSSR-SAP the Institute has conducted FGDs (Focus Group Discussions) with ANMs and organised a three day workshop with PHC Medical Officers. The issue of non availability of Health Care Professionals (HCPs) discussed both by the ANMs and PHC Medical Officers. The IHS has recommended stay of Health Care Professionals at Headquarters. The government has issued a GO ( GO Ms. No.98 on 06-04-02) to ensure that all the concerned officers and staff are available at head quarters to deliver the services when needed.
Provision of Telephone facility in all Primary Health Centers
While designing the State Action Plan to the Commissioner of Family welfare, the Institute of Health Systems recommended Assured Incoming Call (AIC) telephones at PHCs. The Public Access Telephone (PAT) concept will meet people’s requirement to have reilable relecommunication access to public utilities and essential services. The government of Andhra Pradesh has given instructions (Memo No. 7848/D1/2002-1) to all the District Medical & Health Officers to register and install new telephone connection to the Primary Health Centers.

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