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Child Health Status in Andhra Pradesh

Child health refers to the health of children from birth till 14 years of age. Child health status is conventionally measured by various mortality and morbidity indicators. Important indicators of child mortality are; (a) Infant Mortality rate (IMR), i.e., the probability of dying during the first year of life, (b) child mortality, i.e., for those who survive till first birthday, the probability of dying before completion of five years. A measure combining the two is the under-five mortality, i.e., the probability of dying within the first five years of life. The infant mortality rate can be further disaggregated into, (a) neonatal mortality, i.e. death of infants within 30 days of birth, and (b) Post neonatal mortality. Perinatal mortality is a measure combining still births after 28 weeks of gestation and infant deaths within first seven days of life. Important morbidity measures are the incidence/prevalance of common childhood diseases like diarrhoea, acute respiratory infection (ARI), etc. 

  Infant Mortality trend in AP
 *  Neonatal and Post neonatal Mortality status
 *  Child Mortality Status in AP and Other States
 *  Child morbidity status in AP 

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