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Quality of Reproductive Health Care by Private Hospitals in AP

Objectives of this study were to ascertain the perceptions and expectations of the women regarding quality of reproductive health care offered in private hospitals of AP, and to assess quality gaps in the provision of reproductive health care by them. A sample of 127 private hospitals and nursing homes were chosen from four districts, namely; Krishna, Nellore , Mahboobnagar, and Cuddapah. An exit survey of female patients with reproductive problems was done to assess women’s expectations. Draft standards for selected reproductive health procedures, namely, normal delivery, Caesarean section, and medical termination of pregnancy, were developed by a core group in the Institute. The core group used information about women’s perceptions and expectations from hospitals. A multidisciplinary standards panel consisting of stake holders consisting of obstetricians practicing in small to medium nursing homes, teaching hospitals etc., women activists, nursing and allied health personnel was formed. Satisfaction of quality of reproductive health service standard by private hospitals and nursing homes was assessed by comparing their actual facilities with the standard. The study found that a large number of inadequately trained personnel are being used by private hospitals and nursing homes to perform nursing, pharmacy and laboratory technician functions. Basic minimum infrastructure such as physical facilities, and equipment are lacking in many private hospitals and nursing homes. Management of emergencies is poorly organised. Medical record maintenance was poor. Work on the project started in March, 1996 and final report[1] released by September, 1998. Funding was provided by the John D & Catherine T Mac Arthur Foundation, Chicago[2].

[1]Srilatha S. An enquiry into the quality of reproductive health care provided in private hospitals and nursing homes and women's perception in Andhra Pradesh. Final Report. Hyderabad : IHS WP25, 1998 Sep.

[2]MacArthur Foundation, Chicago, Grant No.95-33406A-POP dated 30 Jan 1996.


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