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Quality of Family Planning Practices in AP

This enquiry gathered information towards a wider range of contraceptive choices for women and to increase acceptance, by men, of various contraception measures. The study documented quality concerns of the users and non users of family planning methods[1]. Social, cultural, economic and related factors affecting the acceptance of family planning methods were studied. Data was collected from three high performing and three low performing districts. This study has found a positive appreciation of vasectomy by its adopters as opposed to the negative biases of its non adopter males and also females, and also thrown important clues on quality of family welfare that is being provided. The study was started in April, 1996 and was completed by February, 1997. Funding was provided by the Commissioner Family Welfare[2], Government of Andhra Pradesh.

[1]George Alex. Performance, Acceptability and Quality of Family Welfare Practices in AP. IHS, WP15, 1997

[2]Govt of AP Commissioner Family Welfare Rc No.4004/NTP(IPP.VI)/F/96 dated 1 Feb 1996.


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