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Obstetric Facility Assessment Study

Although most Obstetric complications cannot be predicted or prevented, they can be treated. Since all pregnant women are at a risk of complications, they need to have access to emergency obstetric care (EmOC). This study conducted in the year 2001, assessed the infrastructure for Emergency Obstetric Care (EmOC) in Medak and Adilabad districts[1], [2]. Five categories of public health care institutions (HCI), namely; PHCs, Round-the-clock PHCs, Community hospitals, Area hospitals and District hospitals, were included. Overall 26 HCIs in Medak and 27 HCIs in Adilabad were studied. The District hospitals, only had comprehensive EmOC facilities. All other HCIs had some deficiency or other. Effective availability of EmOC equipment was a problem in both districts. Availability of obstetricians, and anesthetists was a major hindrance. Either available equipment are not maintained, or the required equipment were not available. While some equipment remained unutilized. The study built up an inventory of private EmOC facilities around primary health centres (PHC) equipped to provide round-the-clock EmOC services. Functional status and adequacy of facilities in PHCs, Area and District Hospitals were assessed. The study was sponsored by the Commissioner Family Welfare, Government of AP[3], and was funded by the UNICEF office at Hyderabad .

[1]Sridhar P. Obstetric Facility Assessment. A Study in Medak, 2001. Institute of Health Systems, RP15, 2001

[2]Sridhar P. Obstetric Facility Assessment. A Study in Adilabad, 2001. Institute of Health Systems, RP15, 2001

[3]Govt. Of AP, Office of the Commissioner Family Welfare RC.No.10103/JD(MCH)/2001 dated 27 Mar 2001.


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