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Mauritius - Demand and Satisfaction Survey

Following the global burden of disease (GBD) approach adopted by the World Bank’s World Development Report, 1993, a National burden of disease had been done for Mauritius .  The Mauritius government wanted to utilise the burden of disease estimates, coupled with cost effectiveness studies to identify and set priorities for the health sector. This study was to estimate cost-effectiveness of various interventions in Mauritian context and combine the findings with burden of disease estimates to recommend health sector priorities. The project was orchestrated by the Burden of Diseases Unit at the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies (HCPDS). The Institute of Health Systems conducted a sub study on the Demand for services and Satisfaction with the Mauritius Health System. The study used personal interviews and focus groups. An exit survey of a systematically selected sample of in patients (IP) and out patients (OP) was carried out. These persons who had used the health care system were interviewed using a structured questionnaire. Focus groups were conducted with members drawn from households and members of Local Health Committees (LHC) who were closely associated with the functioning of the peripheral health delivery institutions. The quantitative as well as qualitative data of this study was analysed at the Institute and a draft report of this project was submitted to HCPDS.  The published HCPDS report titled “The Health Sector in Mauritius ”, contains substantial sections on the Demand and Satisfaction study conducted by IHS. Work on this project started in June 1995 and final report released by August, 1996[1]. The study was sponsored by the Government of Mauritius, funded by the World Bank, and executed in collaboration with the Harvard Center for Population and Development Studies - Burden of Disease Unit.

[1]George Alex. Study on Demand of Satisfaction of the Mauritius Health System. IHS, WP17, 1997.


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