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Development of NHA Manual for India

The MOHFW, GOI has brought out the National Health Accounts for the year 2001-02 and is committed to developing NHA for the subsequent years. Several State Governments have evinced interest in developing State Health Accounts in their respective States. In the Indian context, state health accounts are more important, because many of the major policy decisions concerning resource allocation to health and social sector are made at the state level.  The MoHFW has commissioned the IHS to develop a training manual that will ensure uniformity in NHA methodology and its replicability. It is envisaged that the manual would assist existing and new NHA teams as well as academic researchers by imparting comprehensive theoretical knowledge as well as practical classroom experience regarding NHA. The manual would contain training material for both trainers and trainees. The manual will provide guidance for learning and teaching the NHA methodology including providing an interactive ‘hands-on’ learning for the target audience. The target audience  includes: (1) Potential NHA team members and /or researchers who will need extensive theoretical and practical information and (2)Senior decision makers who would benefit from understanding NHA, to use the findings presented by NHA teams in health policy making.  The project is funded by the World Health Organization and is expected to be completed by October 2008[1]

[1]WHO India allotment: SE IND HFS 001 RB 06 (Sticker No. SE/06/426951), 13/11/2006


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