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Medium Term Financing Strategy for Health (MTFSH) in AP

The Institute of Health Systems is collaborating with the International Health Systems Group (IHSG) at Harvard School of Public Health to assist the Department of Health, Medical and Family Welfare, Government of Andhra Pradesh (GoAP) to develop a Medium Term Health Strategy (MTHS) to serve the state over the next five years. This is being developed in the context of recent state initiatives in strategic planning for health and significant support from external financing sources for health systems improvement in the state. Extensive background information to prepare for this task has been provided through the Andhra Pradesh Vision 2020 document and other related health sector strategy documents produced over the last two years. The objective of this strategy is to operationalise the principles set out in the Vision 2020 document of GoAP to meet the health needs of the population. The project is funded by DFID and set out in two phases.

Phase 1:

Phase one of the project encompassed a review of existing information, and assessments of a range of key areas related to health and health systems in Andhra Pradesh and produced recommendations on key elements to be included in the MTHS. It involved extensive collaboration and consultations with the state government and other stakeholders AP. IHS has been commissioned to identify the stakeholders int he health sector in AP and facilitate meetings with them, collect available statistics and published documents ont he health system in AP and to provide other inputs gained from out experience in working with the AP health systems. In addition, IHS reviewed existing information and analysis on burden of disease in AP.

Phase 2:

Phase two of the project started on 10th September, 2002. This exercise involves analysis and projection of the resource envelope for the MTHS, development of specific strategies including the priority areas identified in phase one, and formulating Medium Term Strategy Expenditure Framework in collaboration with the state government. The Institute of Health Systems has provided the support services to the Harvard Team Members during their first visit of the phase two. The support and assistance by the IHS to the Harvard team and other non-Hyderabad based consultants included identification of stakeholders in the health sector in AP, facilitating of meetings with stakeholders including making and confirming appointments, help in collection of relevant documents, providing office space and associated support facilities to the advisors while in Hyderabad (access to local phone, internet, etc.,.). A planning meeting on Andhra Pradesh Medium Term Health Strategy and Expenditure Framework was held at Viceroy Hotel on September 26, 2002 where the IHSG team presented about the findings of phase one and workplan of phase 2. Several State health officials attended the meeting.

The IHSG team members and the main areas of focus:

  1. Prof. Peter Berman: Team Leader and Private Sector Health Care Delivery
  2. Mr. Ajay Mahal: Health care financing and Expenditure
  3. Dr. Marc Mitchell: Government Health Care Delivery
  4. Dr. Thomas Bossert: Organization and Governance
  5. Mr. Shiv Kumar: Organization and Governance
  6. Dr. Hilary Standing: HIV/AIDS, RCH, and NGO's working with women, micro credit, development issues and AIDS
  7. Dr. Vimala Ramachandran: RCH and NGO's working with women, micro credit, development issues.
Updated by Ms. Pushpa Latha on 26th November, 2002.

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