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MathMill is a mathematical tool which can be used to generate and print Mathematical Tables like Multiplication Table, Factorise Table, Fraction Table, Prime Multiplication Table, Square Table, Prime Recognition Sheet, Partitioning, Root Tables and Divisibility Check Sheet. It also contains a unique tool named Number Spiders. It basically has three Menu options named File, Compute and Estimate. In the File option there is a Setup option, which on clicking, displays a form where inputs such as Minimum Range, Maximum Range can be given for each of the above mentioned tables. Depending on this Range all the above mentioned tables will be generated and printed.


The objective of MathMill application is to develop blank formats of Mathematical Tables, which can be used as Practice Sheets for improving ones own mathematical solving skills.This application classifies these Practice Sheets as those which are of Compute type where one has to actually calculate the value and another of Estimate type where one has to find an answer by guessing the nearest possible value.


MathMill application can print 'n' number of copies of Mathematical Tables like Multiplication Table, Factorise Table, Fraction Table etc. to name a few. Each copy of these tables will contain a separate set of values which are generated using a Random Generator Function. It also contains a unique tool named Number Spiders where depending on the Minimum and Maximum Range, spiders will be displayed on a page with a random value on the back of each spider. For each one of the eight legs of the spider one has to estimate various types of partitions containing prime numbers.

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