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HiMan- Central






The principal idea behind the HiMan-Central Software is to accept the reports like Admissions, Transfers, Discharges, Daily activity report, Hospital activity indicator, Drug stores report, Disease wise monthly report from the Himan-2000 through a suitable wide area network connection or by floppy disks. It can generate hospital activity indicators like turnover rate, bed occupancy, length of stay, etc. It does combined utilisation and productivity analysis following the methodology described by Mahapatra and Berman (1994). It is a client/server based application consisting of server database and user interface client.


HiMan Central software is used for gathering information from various hospitals to a central location. The objective of HiMan Central is to receive the Admission, Discharge and Transfer information from various hospitals through the HiMan-2000 software and generate the correponding reports. It also receives daily/periodically activity indicators, periodically/monthly stock position of the drugs, monthly admissions by diagnosis etc.


  • To accept the HL7 messages from HiMan-2000 software.
  • To generate acknowledgements for the received messages.
  • To generate reports like
  • Daily/Monthly Activity Reports
  • Health Care Institute wise Monthly Missing Reports
  • Hospital Activity Indicators by Month
  • Hospital Activity Indicators by Health Care Institute
  • Reporting Errors by Month
  • Reporting Errors by Health Care Institute



Updated on 19/10/2001 by   G.Santhi Krishna


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