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HiMan- 2000


This is a hospital management information system software. It allows for admission, discharge and transfer of patients, ordering of laboratory tests, filling in of lab test results, entering operation notes, etc. It plays a role of transaction collector for hospital i.e., it keeps track of admissions, discharges, transfers, laboratories, stores, pharmaceuticals etc. It also generates performance activity reports by daily, periodically. It has the ability to connect to the HiManCentral software on demand to send information about admission, discharge and transfer. If wide area network connection is not available, the software allows for transport of data through floppy disks.


The objective of HiMan2000 is to keep track of various activities going on in a hospital and generate the corresponding reports. It mainly concentrates on the Admission, Dicharge and transfer of a patient and sends the necessary information to HiMan Central sofware using HL7. This application also sends the Daily activity information, Periodic activity information, Perodical stock position of the drugs and Monthly admissions by diagnosis etc to the HiManCentral software.



HiMan2000 has a ability to exchange information electronically in an enterprise network. This is a client/server based application consisting of server database and user Interface client. It is a HL7 complaint application for data exchange between health care providers. The application can send a HL7 message to the HiMan Central Software.


The application generates reports like daily/periodically performance reports based on the Activity Indicators of the hospital, Laboratory Reports, Surgery Reports, Monthly missing reports, Stock reports, Death reports etc. The application also produces results for the queries required by the user.


Updated on 10/03/2002 by   G.Santhi Krishna


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