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IHS Mission & Goals:
Groom Skills,
Gather Evidence and
Generate Knowledge for people's health.

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Burden of Disease Training Programmes  

National Burden of Disease workshops at IHS

Feedback of 1st Workshop on National Burden of Disease Estimation
The 1st workshop on National Burden of Disease Estimation has successfully been completed on 30th November, 2001. The feed back of the workshop is given below:

Course Overall:

Worst      Average  Best
0% 17%   83%

Rating of various aspects of training

  Poor (%)   Good (%)    Superior (%)  No Feedback (%)
Course overall    0 50 50 -
Usefulness of course for your job 0


33 17
Quality of lectures         0 67 33 -
Quality of class discussions  0 67 25 8
Overall educational value 0 50 50 -
Helpfulness of feedback 75 17 8
Clarity in stated goals 0   75 17
Degree to which goals were achieved 0   33 33 -
Feedback on Course Design: The sequencing of topics was logical and connected. Handouts and readings were relevant and appropriate. Usefulness of problems was there and time allocation was adequate.
The rating for training and living facilities was given good and very good in the scale of poor, satisfactory, good, very good and nice.
Faculty evaluation: Out of 39 sessions 22 sessions were very good, 15 sessions were good and 2 sessions were satisfactory.

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